Medical product


Ultra light
High speed driving
Wide usable
70kV 2mA 1.5kg

Quickly & Accurately

A digital X-ray device that operates at high speeds quickly and accurately

CLAROX is operated by digital pulses accurately and quickly

Application of filament-free carbon nanotubes (CNT) digital X-ray source

Digital ultra-fast pulse control in less than ㎲ (1/1000000 sec)

  • Accurate X-ray irradiation at user's desired timing
  • No ready time required
  • Clear imaging through emitting perfect square wave X-ray
  • Active dose control by pulse mode operation
Application of generator module with active current control of CNT

The stabilization time is required(until the valid X-rays are irradiating)
when X-ray is unwantedly exposed

When X-rays are emitted, almost perfect square wave(square pulse) is generated to prevent unwanted exposure and image distortion

Safety & Eco-friendly
Complete shielding leak radiation without using lead(Pb)
  • Proactively prevent users and patients from exposing to unnecessary X-ray
  • Shielding technology applied without lead(Pb), a noxious metal
Easy for everyone
User-friendly and simple user interface(UI)

Select all functions and irradiation conditions with one dial

  • Adjust the irradiation time by 0.01 sec increments tailored to the user's examination environment
  • Easy to use by selecting intuitive UI menu
  • Limiting the operation control to prevent mismanipulation
Wide range of application with high energy/high dose of 70kV, 2mA
  • Not only for dental purpose, but also for emergency medical examinations and industrial non-destructive inspection Enable digital imaging as well as film imaging

Digital sensors

Digital sensors

Digital sensors

Digital sensors

Focal Spot 0.4mm [IEC 60336]
Tube Voltage 70kV
Tube Current 2mA
Exposure Time Range 0.05 ~ 1 sec
Total Filtration 2.1mm Al
Source to Skin Distance 20cm
FOV 60mm Round
Duty Cycle(maximum) 1:30
Power Input 24V (22.5V)
Maximum exposures on a full charge 800 times at 70 kV, 2 mA, 0.5sec
Weight 1.5kg [2.2 lbs]

* The specifications are subject to change without prior notice