Product introduction
We are innovating the X-ray sector’s paradigm.

Power Feedthrough

Power Feedthrough
Summary of Power Feed through
  • A device for supplying external power to the inside of a vacuum chamber
  • Feedthrough can provide both sealing and electrical insulation from the chamber walls
  • Feedthrough provides solutions for applications that require hermeticity and electrical isolation
  • The specifications of the current Feedthrough product: 15 kV, 3A
  • Ability to produce products according to customer's requirements
Installation guide
  • Brazing, Welding, ISO KF Flange, ConFlat Flange, NPT Fittings, 1 "Base Plate
Application areas
  • Suitable for vacuum equipment such as semiconductor processing equipment, particle accelerator, furnace, analysis equipment, X-ray detection equipment
  • Suitable for high temperature and high voltage devices (electrode: Molybdenum)