Company introduction
VSI is leading the world’s soft X-ray static eliminator market.

Business area

  • Static eliminator (Photo Ionizer)

    It is a device that removes static electricity by separating the molecules in the air into (+/-) ions through the process called 'ionizing action' using soft X-RAY.

  • CNT field emission technology group

    CNT X-ray tube is the world's first commercially available digital X-ray source based on CNT paste for field emission developed by our own technology. This next generation X-ray tube can be applied to various industrial and medical X-ray devices based on low dose and high efficiency characteristics.

  • Heterojunction Technology

    It is a technology that can maintain confidentiality regarding vacuum by the perfect joining of heteromaterials with different properties, such as ceramic-metal, glass-metal, dissimilar metals. Products applied this technology include Vacuum Power Feed Through, X-ray tube, etc.

  • High-voltage condenser (High Voltage Bushing)

    It is being used in the capacitor that enhances the power supply quality by improving the power factor.