Company introduction
VSI is leading the world’s soft X-ray static eliminator market.

Company overview



has developed the electrostatic elimination device using soft X-ray for the first time in Korea and overcomes the limitation of the conventional corona discharge static eliminator. In addition, VSI contributes greatly to improving the quality and yield of industrial manufacturing process.

Furthermore, in 2010, VSI secured the world's best commercial-grade CNT paste technology for field emission, and succeeded in commercialization of CNT-based field emission X-ray sources. Based on this, we launched the world's first high-power ionizer with CNT X-ray tube in 2018 and supplied to Japanese company “S”, bolstering our position as the leader in the electrostatic industry and leading the next generation static electricity market.

In addition, the world's first commercialized high-power CNT-based field emission digital X-ray sources are revolutionizing paradigms in a variety of industries, including medical devices and nondestructive testing equipment.