Product introduction
We are innovating the X-ray sector’s paradigm.

CNT field emission technology group

Our CNT X-ray tube is the first digital X-ray source to commercialize the world's first commercialized nano-field emission technology based on the government support of Nano-Fusion 2020 project of Korea Government and technology transfer of Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). We have commercialized CNT X-ray tube that can be applied to various X-ray applications with a fixed anode, and customized X-ray source can be implemented according to customer's requirements.

High energy CNT X-ray Tube

Outline drawing
High energy CNT X-ray Tube
Device Features
  • High energy operation
  • Field emission technology
  • Digital driving/controllable
Device Specifications
Specification (ND-03100P)
Anode Voltage 100㎸max
Anode Current 1~10㎃
Lifetime(Pulse) 100hr(continuous)
FSS(㎜) 0.3
Volume(㎜) 20Φ x 90㎜
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