Product introduction
We are innovating the X-ray sector’s paradigm.

Static eliminator

Photo Ionizer

The soft X-ray static eliminator is an innovative technology in the field of static elimination and can be used in various applications where the latest technology is required for stable operation performance and clean electrification performance.
Notably, our company is the country's and the world's only manufacturer and distributor of this explosion-proof electrostatic eliminator that has been certified with international standards.

Principles of Photo Ionizer
photo-ionizer의 원리

01.The molecule ionized by the photo ionizer has the property of +/- ion

02.Separated +/- ions are combined with charged particles to create a stable environment

03.The remaining + non-bonded molecules are self-bonded and stable

Advantages of Photo Ionizer
  • Perfect ion balance

    완벽한 이온밸런스

    Equivalent generation of + ions and - ions ensures static elimination regardless of the polarity of the charged surface charge

  • No fine metal powder

    금속미분 미발생

    It is suitable to use in clean rooms, and limited production defects caused by fine metal powder.

  • Fast static elimination speed

    빠른 정전기 제거 속도

    The static removal rate is higher than corona discharge type due to high ion generation density

  • No ozone (carcinogen) generation

    오존(발암물질) 미발생

    Ozone is not generated against corona discharge type, preventing worker safety accidents and equipment corrosion